ECD (European Cleaning Document)

What is the ECD?

EFTCO has developed at the request of the chemical and tanker industries, a standard cleaning document for use throughout Europe. Processes are standardised by use of the ECD codes, so that the same code used for a hot water wash in the UK can be readily interpreted at a loading point in, say, Germany or France.

Why is the ECD necessary?

The ECD provides the customer with a standard document which can only be issued by a quality assessed cleaning station. To provide the European Cleaning Document, a Cleaning Station must satisfy given criteria via a comprehensive SQAS audit. This criteria focuses on the quality of the cleaning station processes, infrastructure and systems but also includes Health & Safety and environmental / hazard management issues.

The ECD's unique numbering system provides protection against fraudulent cleaning documents by being traceable back to the individual cleaning station. A number of prosecutions have already been brought against unscrupulous operators trying to falsify cleaning documentation.

Only tanker cleaning stations who have met minimum criteria can issue the European Cleaning Document (ECD). It is therefore the only traceable, quality assessed, recognised and accepted cleaning document across Europe.

Should you want to check the validation of a European Cleaning Document, then please contact the NTRCA


More information is available on the EFTCO website.

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