The National Road Tanker Cleaners Association (NRTCA) was founded in 1992 by a number of like-minded tankcleaning companies in the UK and Ireland who recognised the need for standardisation and shared safety and environmental issues within the industry.

Membership has developed as tankcleaning companies have realised the benefit of information exchange as a major tool for improving standards within the industry.

The focal point for the NRTCA is the continual improvement in standards for the Road Tanker Cleaning Industry. The most recent development has been the introduction of the SQAS Tank Cleaning Accreditation system as a pre-requisite for membership.


SQAS is the definitive Road Tanker Cleaning Audit document, and was produced following 2 years of consultation with the industry’s leading experts, who come under the umbrella of the European Federation of Tanker Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) together with the European Chemical Industries Association (CEFIC) and the Transport Industry.

Validating SQAS for membership: The NRTCA will only allow as members those companies whose audit report demonstrates a full compliance with all legal requirements of the audit. This ensures that the critical data from the audit is individually assessed by the Association.

The NRTCA is the trade association for tankcleaning and is in frequent contact with regulatory bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive, Environmental Agency and Water Companies as a means of keeping it’s members fully informed on industry developments.
The NRTCA is a founder-member of EFTCO, through whom it works in conjunction with the other European Cleaning Organisations to bring standardisation of terminology to the industry. It was through this common aim that the European Cleaning Document (ECD) was born. For further details please refer to the ECD page.

Contact the NRTCA on
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