Kosher Cleaning


Kosher cleaning is an important service provided by some of the UK's tanker cleaning companies to Europe’s food manufacturers and transport companies.

What is Kosher cleaning?
Tankers must be cleaned according to strict Kosher rules. These rules are applied through a pre-determined cleaning process, by a cleaning company who has been granted permission by way of a Kosher cleaning certificate from the Rabbi.

Who can perform a Kosher Clean?
Only certain members of the NRTCA who have been approved by the rabbinate can perform an official Kosher tanker clean.
See the list below for details of these accredited cleaning stations. 

ABAC Logistics - Liverpool
Atlantic Tank Clean - Barry
Fleetclean Ltd - West Yorkshire
Isotank Ltd - Hull
Isotank Ltd - Immingham
Isotank Ltd - Manchester
Isotank Ltd - Redcar
Isotank Ltd - Southampton
John G Russell Transport Ltd - Coatbridge
LPW Tankwash - Essex
Liverpool Tank Cleaning Services - Liverpool
MTS Tankcleaning Ltd - Liverpool
Murphy Transport - Cork
South Eastern Tanker Services Ltd - Dagenham
Tankclean - Hull
Tankclean - Dublin

Click the link on the right to download a copy of the certificate issued to the accredited cleaning stations for 2024/2025


How do I know if the last clean wash a Kosher wash?
The EFTCO Cleaning Document issued by the accredited cleaning station will detail either a ‘Kosher cleaning including 30 minutes steam’ or ‘Kosher Cleaning P26’ has been performed.

For more information on the NRTCA and Kosher cleaning of road tankers and tank containers please contact the NRTCA.


Contact the NRTCA on
+44 (0)1977 607607